Tree Pruning Service Benefits

Pruning tree services for your outdoor trees can improve safety, appearance, and the health of your trees. Tree pruning provides benefits by the removal of dead and/or dying branches to promote the long-term tree health.

Dead or dying branches can be the result of disease, or damage caused by insects, people, mites, or from storms.

When Should Your Trees be Pruned?

A tree can be pruned year round, though — in general — late winter and early spring provide good advantages for tree pruning service in Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau and Suffolk county. In specific instances the species of the tree will dictate the best time of year for a tree pruning service. (Contact us today for a free evaluation).

Tree Pruning Service Benefits

Advantages of Late Winter/ Early Spring Pruning

During the late winter or early spring the ground is often frozen (or still firm) providing the tree service to bring in heavy equipment to areas otherwise not accessible. Without the full foliage of the trees there is a better line of view to reach the areas where work is required, and the reduced possibility of damage to underlying flowers and plants.

During the winter season plants are dormant, so fresh damage and wounds to the trees will only be exposed for a short period of time: by the late spring the trees begin their new growth and can conceal the previous damage making it more difficult to find and correct.

Later in the season a homeowner has many other projects to consume their time, such as fixing or setting up patios, decks, and spending time in their gardens preparing for the new summer season.

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